About Us

The concept of going green is gaining momentum all over the country.

Company Profile

The concept of going green is gaining momentum all over the country. Hence, Envi Building Technologies promises environmentally responsible construction by reducing the use of water, energy and material resources and at the same time also offers equality in terms of utility, durability and comfort.

Construction poses a great threat to the fast depleting natural resources of the world. About 5 billion liters of water is used annually by the construction sector. So the concept of Going Green is not just a trend but it is the need of the hour. Envi Building Technologies is a group of building professionals that connects consumers to various green products such as –

  • Solar - Save and earn using your idle rooftop. Works with B2B and B2G segments.
  • Pre-Fabs. Prefabricated structures made with Aerated Concrete panels, Cement Sheets, Sandwich PUF Panels for erecting on-site camps, mass housing colonies, office blocks, portable prefabs, sample flats
  • Pre Engineered buildings are used for erecting factory sheds, warehouses, logistic parks, aircraft hangars, Steel Buildings
  • Drywall – Boards
  • Drywall - Solid Wall
  • False Ceiling
  • Acoustics
  • Drywall - Cladding
  • Louvers & Fins
  • Drywall - Floors

  • We ensure quality construction alongwith-

  • Economic efficiency
  • Environmental efficiency
  • Social efficiency
  • With environmentally conscious and sustainable design techniques, we strive to ensure that our decisions and actions today do not inhibit the opportunities of the future generations